Newly Made Chinese Style Coffee Table

฿ 25,000 ฿ 25,000

Chinese Antique Small Storage Cabinet

฿ 21,000 ฿ 21,000

Newly Made Chinese Vase Stand

฿ 20,400 ฿ 20,400

Chinese Antique Willow Basket

฿ 3,800 ฿ 3,800

Chinese Antique Hand Painted Sideboard

฿ 45,000 ฿ 45,000

Chinese Carved Object

฿ 23,000 ฿ 23,000
Best Seller

Chinese Antique Two Drawers Table

฿ 43,000 ฿ 43,000

Chinese Food Container

฿ 2,800 ฿ 2,800

As Bangkok’s covid-19 situation seems to ease up a bit, the Yesterday Once Again Team eagerly looks forward to the lift of international travel restrictions. We just can’t wait to fly out to China ASAP and bring all the good stuffs back here. Meanwhile, China is yet to announce when its border will be open, so we may as well do a small research and compile our China’s must-see architecture list. This entry is just sharing with our readers these fascinating sites we’d love to explore!

As China has formally entered autumn, our Yesterday Once Again team can’t help but missing our trip’s splendid scene of yellow gingko trees and autumn food like roasted chestnuts on crisp afternoons in China.

As our store has been in business for decades, we’ve processed several hundreds of orders while ceaselessly trying to find beautiful oriental furniture pieces to make your house a home. While some products fall into the ‘come-and-go’ category, we’ve also noticed that certain pieces and styles are always asked about and become our clients’ favorite throughout the years.

Every time we were on our Yesterday Once Again missions making a trip to China, we never missed adding a few more days just to explore local places, and one of our favorite things is strolling around the historical quarter of the cities we happened to be at the time.

ได้รับเฟอร์นิเจอร์เรียบร้อยแล้ว สวยงาม ขอบคุณนะครับ
คุณแม่ผม ท่านชอบมาก บอกว่าคิดถึงวันเก่าๆที่เมืองจีน
- Mr. M - 
เฟอร์นิเจอร์จาก  Yesterday Once Again สวยมากค่ะ ชอบมาก ขอบคุณที่ได้เจอกัน 
-Ms. R-
" My wife and I wanted to thank you for your assistance with finding this piece for us! Additionally , we're grateful to the delivery crew who arrived on time. Thank you again and we look forward to enjoying this piece for a very long time"
- Mr. D -
Loving all my pieces. Thank you very much. 
- Mrs D - 
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